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Key West Raw and Unfiltered Rum

Key West Raw and Unfiltered Rum

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This is the most full-bodied of our barrel-aged rums. It is aged in brand new American oak barrels with a #3 char on the inside.

The Chef first soaks each barrel in salt water from our local Key West ocean. As the salt dries on the inside of the barrel, it seals in and condenses the rich flavors of the bold American oak. By utilizing this "Chef Distilled" original technique, our rum is able to acquire a much wider variety of flavors from the wood. This "salt-curing" technique is currently gaining world-wide attention.

Our Bourbon drinkers tend to love this rum, with its heavy notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, and maple. On your palate, it is huge up front, but melts like butter on the finish. Some refined palates can also sense a little something extra - dancing hints of magnesium from the nutrient-rich Caribbean sea salt.

Enjoy this rich, flavorful rum neat, with a cube of ice, or in any bourbon-type cocktail.

40% ALC./VOL (80 Proof) 750mL

Distilled and Bottled by Chef Distilled, Key West, FL

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