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Key West First Legal Rum - Double Gold winner

Key West First Legal Rum - Double Gold winner

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This is our original clear rum. It is completely unflavored; however, you can taste many delicate notes from the high quality Demerara sugar cane that we use in each of our fermentations.

When you first touch this rum to your lips, you may taste light notes of banana oil, followed by slight hints of pear. Many palates also distinguish whispers of vanilla and butterscotch right after the finish.

This rum is wonderful for sipping chilled, but you can also use it in a wide array of cocktails. When you mix this rum, you can hardly taste the rum in the mixer because it is incredibly crisp, clean, and light.

40% ALC./VOL (80 Proof) 750mL

Distilled and Bottled by Chef Distilled, Key West, FL

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